2011 Tokyo Auto Salon: Chrome Prius Not as Bad as It Sounds… It’s Worse


Chrome on a car is cool when you’re talking about a Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 race car. Less so when you’re talking about a Toyota Prius.

Still, when we spotted this IS.ME-tuned Prius at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon we had to snap a few pics to share, so you too can gawk at this visual train wreck. While it’s not exactly the same as butchering, say, a Porsche GT3, we never like to see an automobile get trashed and so it’s nice to know that this is just a wrap.

Much more permanent modifications have, however, been made on the inside, with some ultra-red leather seats. The work is actually high-quality, but it’s hard to get over the excessive use of red. It even has matching red seatbelts.

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GALLERY: Chrome IS.ME Prius