2011 Tokyo Auto Salon: Goodyear Racing Debuts Toyota Mark X Drift Car


Over in Japan, the Lexus GS is sold as the Toyota Mark X, meaning that you can get the rear-drive sedan at a more affordable price.

While not exactly the most dynamic diver’s car, the folks at Goodyear Racing though it would be perfect for their new race car – if you can consider the D1 Grand Prix drift series racing.

Debuting the car at the Tokyo Auto Salon, it’s hard not to love the NASCAR-esque look of the machine, with what Goodyear Racing refers to as a DTM-style widebody. There’s now word on a powerplant, but the car is scheduled to hit the track for testing soon in order to be ready for the start of a new D1 GP season.

GALLERY: Goodyear Racing Toyota Mark X Drift Car


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