2011 Tokyo Auto Salon: Joy Worx Truck is What the F#ck

One reason to attend the annual Tokyo Auto Salon tuner show is to see Japanese Domestic Market vehicles extensively modified by some of the best aftermarket companies in the business. A second reason is to have a good laugh.

A car culture that can deliver the NSX and GT-R, is also responsible for 1980s-era Transformers-styled big rigs and Hello Kitty themed Ferraris. A tuner by the name of Joy Worx most certainly fits into the latter category, debuting a new hydraulics-equipped commercial truck with an excessively Japan-themed paint job.

But there’s more. Check out the hidden rear wheels (inside flared fenders no less) and the absolutely massive rear spoiler that’s certain to come in handy when it’s completely dumped (yes, that’s sarcasm).

GALLERY: Joy Worx Truck