2011 Tokyo Auto Salon: Lexus CT200h Gets F-Sport Treatment So It Can be Cool Too


First debuting at the Australian International Auto Show, Lexus rolled out the CT200h F-Sport model as part of its display at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon. Unlike the IS-F Club Performance Accessory or the IS-F CCSR, this F-Sport model is confirmed for production.

Taking the new Lexus hybrid hatchback to a more dynamic level, the CT200h F-Sport gets light-weight wheels, an F-Sport suspension setup (with lowering springs and sway bars), plus a complete aero kit. Inside, goodies include an F-Sport steering wheel, pedals, and an F-Sport instrument panel. F-Sport models will also be available in this limited edition Flame Blue paint.

We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed for the rest of the F-Sport/TRD track items for the IS-F.

GALLERY: Lexus CT200h F-Sport


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when will it to be launch in market?