2011 Tokyo Auto Salon: Sports Modulo NSX Tuning Parts are Six Years Late

The Acura (or Honda) NSX has been out of production since 2005, but icons are always worth revisiting. That, apparently, is the thought behind the new Sports Modulo NSX.

Unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Salon in Japan, Honda’s in-house Sports Modulo tuning division has just release a new selection of parts for the legendary Japanese exotic. They even went so far as to display them on a pre-2002 model with the old pop-up headlights (our fave).

The new items include a Modulo carbon fiber spoiler, Modulo shocks, springs and even control arms.

With Honda having taken a lot of flack recently for its product decisions, we welcome this small nod to enthusiasts. Now if only they’d deliver a successor to the NSX…

GALLERY: Sports Modulo NSX