Audi Integrating Internet Based Navigation Systems

With all this new technology available to us, much of it thanks to Google, it was only a matter of time before the automotive manufacturers tapped into its potential. Audi may be one of the pioneers in this field integrating an Internet-based navigation system into the new A6 with plans to include it in the new A8, A4 and Q7.

The primary focus of the Internet-based navigation system is to deliver accurate traffic not just on the freeways and highways, but on the local streets as well. The navigation includes technology from Inrix and Google Maps with the latter providing quick searches for point of interests.

Inrix’s XD Traffic service displays traffic flow information for 20-30 feet of covered roads as opposed to mile-to-mile that much of today’s navigation systems do. As a result, the Audi navigation system will use this accurate traffic information to provide up-to-the-minute routes to avoid traffic jams.

Currently in Europe, owners will be able to use a copied-SIM in the navigation in order to get data service while U.S. drivers will be able to use data through a Bluetooth connection from their smartphone.

[Source: Car Tech Blog]