Challenger,Viper plants, to be featured on Nat Geo television

National Geographic’s Ultimate Factories television series, will include episodes on Challenger and Viper production, when the third season airs this week.

The first episode, due to be broadcast on Thursday, February 3rd at 10 pm Eastern Standard Time, will showcase Dodge Challenger production at Chrysler’s 3 million square foot Brampton, Ontario assembly plant, where it takes just 20 hours to transform raw sheetmetal into a complete car; the segment will also cover production of the car’s Hemi V-8 engines, which are assembled in Saltillo, Mexico.

Two weeks after that, on Thursday February 17th, ‘Ultimate Factories,’ will spotlight Viper production at Chrysler’s Conner Avenue plant in Detroit, during the car’s last year of production. Conner Avenue doesn’t feature any robots, thus assembly of Dodge’s super sports car is all done by hand.

Both episodes will provide the general public with a rare and unique view into what goes on behind the scenes, when it comes to building two of the most memorable cars to hit the road in recent years. Other episodes in the third season of Ultimate Factories, will highlight facilities operated by Coca Cola, Jack Daniels and Maserati among others.

[Source: National Geographic TV]