Detroit 2011: Fiat 500 Gets a Mopar Makeover

Chrysler set its Mopar division on the Fiat 500 for the 2011 Detroit Auto Show and the Italian runabout emerged with a matte black makeover and a number of other upgrades.

Double blue stripes stand out sharply against the black paint while chrome accents provide some added flair.

Other accessories include gloss black wheels, a strut tower brace, and a carbon fiber ‘style’ shift knob and e-brake, while the Katzkin leather seats are also black with blue stitching.

With the Fiat 500 set to hit dealers soon, there’s little doubt a long list of in-house ‘aftermarket’ accessories will be offered. The Mopar goodies aren’t bad, but in the future Fiat will bring some well-rounded performance versions of the hatch from it’s Abarth tuning division.

GALLERY: Mopar-Equipped Fiat 500