Honda CR-Z Based TS-1X Concept to Debut at Tokyo Auto Salon

With the Tokyo Auto Salon just around the corner, Honda Motor Co. has announced its star lineup for this year’s show. For 2011, Honda will be putting the spotlight on Honda Access Corporation*2, the company’s in-house aftermarket parts manufacturer. Showcasing what they’re all about will be the TS-1X, based on the new CR-Z.

In addition to the TS-1X, other cars on display will include Honda’s Super GT HSV-010 GT, Formula Nippon FN09 and Honda’s Indy Car Series’ 2011 Indy Japan 300 mascot car for their race cars. From their Modulo line will be a Sports Modulo NSX, STEPWGN, CR-Z and Fit Hybrid. Three other cars Honda will be highlighting are a pair of themed Honda” Freed Spike caravan models and an Acty truck painted in a special Tokyo Auto Salon color.

Honda will also have several motorcycles in their booth this year.

Stay tuned as will be bringing you extensive coverage of this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon.

GALLERY: Honda’s Tokyo Auto Salon Lineup

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Overview of Honda Exhibition at Tokyo Auto Salon 2011

January 12, 2011 – Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced that it will present an exhibit at Tokyo Auto Salon 2011 with NAPAC*1, to be held from Friday, January 14, to Sunday, January 16, 2011, at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. On display will be automobiles and motorcycles (including display vehicles), power products, racing vehicles, and other products, that highlight the many possibilities that customization has to offer while simultaneously conveying the joy of mobility and motorsports appeal.

At this year’s event, Honda Access Corporation*2, the manufacturer of genuine Honda aftermarket parts and accessories, will display a TS-1X test study model based on the CR-Z.

Also on display are accessorized production automobiles and motorcycles, along with a variety of specially designed vehicles to show the playful nature of customization, such as the Freed Spike caravan car, the Acty Truck and the Enepo generator special coloring editions.

Racing vehicles on display will include the HSV-010 GT machine, which won both the driver and team titles for the Super GT Series GT500-class races, and the RC212V, which competed in the MotoGP class races, the pinnacle of world motorcycle road racing competition.

Honda vehicles on exhibit

<Display vehicle – test study model> Automobiles (1 unit) TS-1X (base model: CR-Z)

<Display vehicles – competition models> Motorcycles (1 unit) MotoGP: RC212V (Repsol Honda Team)

Automobiles (3 units) Super GT: HSV-010 GT (Weider Honda Racing) Formula Nippon: FN09 Indy Car Series: 2011 Indy Japan 300 mascot car

<Accessorized vehicles> Motorcycles (5 units) VT1300CX, CB1100, VT400S, PCX, FORZA

Automobiles (4 units) Sports Modulo NSX (display vehicle accessorized with genuine Honda aftermarket parts that is scheduled to go on sale at the end of May), Modulo STEPWGN, Modulo CR-Z, Modulo Fit Hybrid

<Other display vehicles and products> Motorcycles (1 unit) Super Cub 50 (Love Cub 50 Project specifications)

Automobiles (3 units) “Running Station ASICS × Honda” Freed Spike caravan car “Camping Station Coleman × Honda” Freed Spike caravan car Acty Truck (Tokyo Auto Salon special color)

Power products (2 units) Enepo (Tokyo Auto Salon special color) Pianta (Tokyo Auto Salon special color)