Hot Wheels Video Racers Let You Record, Watch All The Action

Hot Wheels are a timeless cool toy, so imagine our happiness when we heard about the latest development coming to these iconic mini cars.

Mattel’s Video Racer lets you recording while you’re racing them. Here’s how it works: the Video Racers are equipped with small video camera that can record 30 to 60 frames per second, capturing the action as in zooms across the floor or the racing track.

After the completion of the race, you can watch it unfold again – just flip the car over and enjoy highlights on the tiny LCD found on the underbelly of the car. You can also watch footage by downloading it to a PC or laptop via USB. Then, paste your footage together to make a best-of compilation.

Watch for the Video Racer coming to stores this fall for about $60 each (it also comes with a USB cable).

[Source: Pocket-Lint]

Check out video of the high-tech toy after the jump:

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