Hyundai Sonata To Get Plug-In Version


A report from suggests that Hyundai‘s  endless march towards global domination isn’t letting up, and the next phase of their product strategy involves both a Prius competitor and a plug-in variant of the Sonata Hybrid.

According to Mike O’Brien, Hyundai’s head of product planning, the Sonata plug-in Hybrid would require little in the way of engineering to make it ready. “Other manufacturers’ hybrid systems were developed in such a way to not allow them to easily develop plug-in hybrids,” he said. “For the Sonata Hybrid to become a plug-in hybrid, really all we need are bigger batteries—the basic technology platform is already designed to support a plug-in variation.”

According to O’Brein, we’ll see something within the next 12 months at one of the major auto shows. Let the speculation games begin!

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[Source: Plug-in Cars]