Infiniti EX30d Black Premium Edition Debuts in Europe, With Extra Perks

While Infiniti has been a household name in North America for over 20-years, the luxury brand of Nissan is new to buyers in Europe.

To win them over, Infiniti is offering a new special version of the EX30d (yup, a diesel Infiniti) called the Black Premium Edition. Based on its diesel powered variant, the Black Premium Edition gets metallic malbec paint with a graphite interior. In other words, it’s black on black. You also get shiny 19-inch alloy wheels and shiny roof rails. Plus the usual sunroof and Bose audio system.

But wait there’s more. Buyers of this particular version will get to enjoy a night of fine dining for two at any of the hundreds of luxury hotels from the Relais and Chateau group.  You will also get membership to the swanky Club 5C.

Only 500 of these special editions will be offered to customers across Europe at a premium of $5000 over the regular version. In America, the only version we get is the petrol powered EX35 and prices start at $34,150.