Lexus LF-A Production Begins


While prototype units of the Lexus LF-A have been in production for over a year, the first units destined for retail customers began rolling off the line at the company’s facility in Toyota City, Japan.

With 15,000 parts assembled largely by hand, an LF-A requires 170 people to be produced. Every step of the assembly process is logged, with a 3,500 page journal assigned to each car at the end of the assembly process. Of that, roughly 300 pages are dedicated to the manufacturing process. The journal is kept for posterity and will be used for reference should the car’s owner make an inquiry. Every step of purchasing an LF-A, from the build process to the ownership experience is sure to be superlative – just like it’s $375,000 price tag. We’d settle for an hour behind the wheel.

[Source: Motor Authority]