Lincoln To Get Unique Styling And Powertrains

As part of a revitalization program for Lincoln vehicles, Ford announced a series of measures aimed to take Lincoln even further upmarket.

Speaking at the Detroit Auto Show, Ford’s Vice President for Global Product Development Derrick Kuzak said that the Blue Oval was aiming for a “full differentiation” of Lincoln. Future Lincolns would not share any powertrains or sheetmetal with their Ford cousins. Ford is also requiring Lincoln dealers to upgrade their showrooms, with the hope that many will leave their franchise rather than invest the substantial sums required to carry out the improvements.

While upgraded interiors, V6 engines and all-wheel drive are slated for Lincoln’s future products, rear-drive is apparently not in the cards, nor is an international launch. “Our focus right now is in the United States because we have a lot of brand equity,” Ford CEO Alan Mulally told Automotive News. “And we didn’t tarnish the brand, we just didn’t invest in it.”

[Source: Automotive News]