Lingenfelter Pushes Cadillac CTS-V Coupe to Over 700-hp [Video]

Lingenfelter is world-renowned for pushing the limits on horsepower and their new engine package for the 2009-2011 Cadillac CTS-V (and new CTS-V Coupe) is no exception to the rule. Providing a turnkey package to CTS-V owners, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering offers 623-rwhp and 617 lb-ft of torque at the wheels in a manual transmission CTS-V.

The performance package is as comprehensive as one can get which includes removing the stock powerplant from the vehicle and overhauling it for extreme power. Much of the work is done in the head, with Lingenfelter’s CNC port & polish while swapping in new valves, valve springs and retainers. Helping aid in producing high end horsepower is Lingenfelter’s GT9 camshaft.

Lingenfelter then focuses on providing additional fuel to go with the extra boost thanks a 2.55-inch diameter steel supercharger drive pulley. New injectors are installed and the entire package is tested to perfection on a dyno with extensive ECM tuning.

The complete package comes with Lingenfelter’s 2 year, 24,000-mile warranty.

Official press release and video available after the break.



DECATUR, Ind. – Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (LPE) has completed a new engine package designed to deliver 700+ horsepower to the 2009-2011 Cadillac CTS-V.

The LPE Cadillac CTS-V Package gives enthusiasts additional power – 623 rear wheel horsepower and 617 rear wheel lb.-ft. of torque as tested in a manual transmission-equipped CTS-V – while maintaining a safe level of boost and supercharger RPM.  The package features Lingenfelter CNC ported LSA cylinder heads and the addition of LPE’s GT9 ZR1 supercharger camshaft, which delivers an excellent sound quality and won’t degrade the Cadillac’s drivability or reliability.  To watch the CTS-V test video, visit

Lingenfelter provides Cadillac owners with a turnkey package that includes: – Engine removal and removal of supercharger assembly, cylinder heads and camshaft – Lingenfelter CNC porting & polishing of LSA cylinder heads for optimal flow – 2.165″ diameter hollow stem intake valves – 1.59″ diameter high temperature inconnel exhaust valves – Lingenfelter multi-angle valve job, cc chambers, surfacing and spring height adjustment – Competition Cams valve springs, titanium retainers, 10 degree locks – Lingenfelter GT9 camshaft – GM Head gaskets & head bolts – 2.55″ diameter steel supercharger drive pulley – powder coated black – 8 rib – 8 rib serpentine belt – Lingenfelter LS9 solid supercharger isolator coupling – Port and polish supercharger front cover – Lingenfelter air intake duct – K & N Air Filter – Lingenfelter 10% overdrive harmonic balancer – 63 lbs/hour fuel injectors – Fuel injector connector change – 160 degree thermostat – Professional installation – Engine testing and expert ECM tuning – Chassis dyno testing before and after installation – Excellent drivability, highway mileage not adversely affected – Lingenfelter certificate of authenticity – Lingenfelter 2 year/24,000 mile warranty

Cadillac owners interested in adding the 700+ horsepower package can contact the Lingenfelter team at 260.724.2552.

For more than 32 years, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering has created a matchless heritage of bringing astounding new capabilities to the world’s most sought-after sports cars.  This legendary record of precision engineering continues today, as the highly skilled Lingenfelter production team continues to target design excellence in engine packages, superchargers and high-performance aftermarket components that refine power, speed and control.  For more information, visit, contact Lingenfelter Performance Engineering at 1557 Winchester Road, Decatur, IN 46733, or call 260.724.2552.