Lotus Originals Merchandise Line to Debut at London Fashion Week in February

Lotus CEO Danny Bahar has made it clear that he intends to rely on the British automaker’s glorious history in order to rebuild for the future. And while at the forefront of that plan is the launch of an all-new lineup of cars, it’s little surprise that the former head of Ferrari’s marketing department will also look to retail merchandise sales.

Beginning at the Paris Auto Show, Lotus has been showing off a selection of its regal get rugged items, like leather jackets, polo shirts, sweaters and leather goods. And in keeping with the new image of the brand, all of the items are of the highest quality.

At the time Lotus kept quiet about its retail plans but now it has announced a complete line, titled Lotus Originals, will go on sale starting in February. This will coincide with the launch of Lotus Originals at London’s Fashion Week. To start, all items will be available exclusively through, with a flagship retail store set to open in London by the end of the year.

Check out a selection of the finer items in our gallery below, or see all the goods at

GALLERY: Lotus Originals Merchandise Line

Lotus Merchandise 06.jpgLotus Merchandise 013.jpgLotus Merchandise 09.jpgLotus Merchandise 0119.jpgLotus Merchandise 10.jpgLotus Merchandise 018.jpg