New VARIO Motorhome Features Built-In a Garage For Your MINI


You want to take more road trips in your RV, but the thought of leaving your MINI behind is distressing. All alone in the garage, no one to drive it – sure, a neighbor can come over twice a day to let it out and feed it, but it’s not the same as having your sweet ride with you so you can enjoy the vacation as a family. Thanks to VARIOmobil motorhomes, no MINI left behind!

Pushing the limits of luxury, the new VARIO Perfect 1150 SH comes equipped with a garage that’s ideal for a compact car like the MINI Cooper. And you’d think that a garage would take up a lot of room, but no so. The Perfect 1150 SH features a slide out in the living room and bedroom that gives you more interior living space. Plus, it comes with three hydraulic-pneumatic sealing slide outs that add on an additional 20-inches in depth.

The extras don’t stop at the garage. The kitchen and leather lounge extend into the living area and you’ll find multimedia capabilities, a king-size bed and an additional sofa bedroom in the master bedroom as well. Feel free to use this RV all year long, because its bay features surface heating.

You can drive away the base model for €492,660 (that’s about $662,844 U.S.).

[Source: Born Rich]