Porsche Cayenne Hybrid To Cost $257,000 In China

Ever think car prices of imported vehicles in America are high? Well you won’t after comparing them to the Chinese market.

According to China Car Times, the price of the new Porsche Cayenne S hybrid in China will be an eye watering 1.7-million Yuan, or roughly $257,397 in our currency.

That means in China customers will pay the same amount of money for the humble Cayenne S hybrid as we would for a 911 GT2 RS, which is currently the most expensive model made by the company.

The reason cars are more expensive in China is because of high importation taxes on foreign goods, and since the Cayenne hybrid can only manage 23-MPG, it won’t qualify for any green-incentives either.

The Cayenne S hybrid is now on sale in North America and can be yours for a much more reasonable $67,700.

[Source: Autoblog]