Tokyo Auto Salon 2011: GRMN iQ Racing Concept by Gazoo Racing

Over a year ago, Toyota introduced a limited edition iQ GRMN in Japan, with a supercharger strapped to the tiny car’s 1.3-liter 4-cylinder to produce 116-hp. Now GRMN (a special line of cars produced by Gazoo Racing) has released a Racing Concept based on that model.

The vehicle has just been put on display at the Tokyo Auto Salon, which is taking place over the weekend in Japan.

With a wide body and a roll cage this tiny hatch (roughly a foot longer than a Smart car) is ready for the track. A full compliment of aerodynamic parts is also included, made entirely of carbon fiber. And let’s not forget a stunning set of 17-inch wheels with some 205-wide tires.

GALLERY: GRMN iQ Racing Concept