Tokyo Auto Salon 2011: Honda TS-1X is a Renventon Inspired CR-Z

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Lamborghini’s designers had gotten a hold of the Honda CR-Z. Despite its matte-black paint and wild bodywork the TS-1X Concept has nothing in common with the Reventon supercar.

Based on the new hybrid sports car, the TS-1X gets a fighter-jet inspired aero kit that actually seems to work with the CR-Z’s futuristic styling. In both the front and rear are small aero-bits that remind us of the flying buttresses on the Ferrari 599, which are designed to increase downforce while not adding drag.

Also included are a set of 18-inch wheels, which look absolutely massive on the tiny CR-Z. And inside those rollers (which look like painted Civic Type R models), is a set of TS-1X branded Nissin brakes.