144,000 Ford F-150s Recalled for Accidental Airbag Deployment; Larger Recall Pending


Ford has announced it will recall a total of 144,000 F-150 pickup-trucks due to airbags that could deploy by accident. The recall affects just those trucks from the 2005-2006 model years, however, a more widespread recall is pending.

Ford initially refused to recall the trucks at all, prompting the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to force the issue. This recall has been issued in response to NHTSA and in the hope it will pacify the government agency, which requested 1.3 million of the trucks be repaired.

NHTSA has been on the war-path as of late, issuing recalls for issues as trivial as rusting hood ornaments on Bentley models. Conversely, Ford has shown a general unwillingness to cooperate with the government agency, initially refusing to issue recalls for its Windstar minivan.

Ford has claimed a low number of incidents and that injuries were minor. NHTSA’s records show 238 complaints of accidental airbag deployment on 2004-06 F-150 models, with 77 reported injuries.

NHTSA is said to be currently studying if Ford’s recall is sufficient.

[Source: Detroit News]