40 Buyers Interested In New Lancia Stratos, Priced Around $545,000

The original Lancia Stratos was a very successful rally car, but the car’s continued popularity undoubtedly stems from its stunning body and its Ferrari engine.

Fast forward nearly 40 years since the first Stratos was produced, and a new Stratos has come among us. This one too has a Ferrari engine and even the underpinnings of the Ferrari F430 as its basis.

While the original was designed by the design house of Bertone, the new Stratos is penned by Pininfarina.

Interestingly, the new Stratos has no direct Lancia link. The prototype was commissioned by Michael Stoschek, a German businessman who loved the Stratos and wanted a modern interpretation of it.

While the new Stratos was supposed to have been a one-off, it now seems  that 40 people have come forward who want one of their own. According to reports, this 540-hp supercar will cost around $545,000 (or just over $10,000 per horsepower). For that price, the donor F430 is included.

So if you’ve got the means and the desire to own a modern day Stratos, join the queue.

(Source: Carscoop)