458 Italia 1/8th Scale Model is a Ferrari You Can Afford, Wait… No You Can’t

You can’t afford the really thing (don’t feel bad, we can’t either). But chances are you might be able to afford a smaller version of the Ferrari 458 Italia. Then again, maybe not.

Head to the Ferrari Store and drive away with the handmade 1/8th scale model of the Ferrari 458 Italia. Hand-built by skilled craftsmen and engineers at Amalgam Fine Model Cars, the car measures in at 60cm (roughly 2 feet) in length and comes mounted on a carbon fiber base plate with a museum quality clear acrylic dust cover. To get a better look at all the magnificent interior, just open its doors.

Since each model takes 3,500 hours to complete, there are only going to be 100 made. They come in three different color schemes — black with a black interior, yellow with a black interior and red with a tan interior – and will cost you $5,644.

[Source: Born Rich]