Bentley Planning 5-Door Coupe, SUV and Entry-Level Grand Tourer


Bentley has bold plans to expand its vehicle range in the future, adding three all new models to its lineup.

The green light hasn’t been given to any new products yet, but according to a report by AutoCar, Bentley’s new CEO (and the former head of R&D at Porsche) has indicated the three new products will be derived from Porsche platforms.

First up will be a 5-door coupe based on the next-generation Panamera platform and offering a more sporty alternative to Flying Spur buyers, while delivering more practicality than a Continental GT. It will get a version of the current twin-turbo W12 engine delivering a solid 600-hp. Bentley’s new V8 is also a candidate and a diesel engine hasn’t been ruled out.

Following this model will be the rumored Cross Continental, an SUV based on the Cayenne but costing significantly more and with a serious focus on the ultimate in luxury.

Finally, a new grand-tourer is being considered that would take on the Mercedes SL63 and Maserati Gran Turismo and undercut the rest of the Bentley range significantly when it comes to price.

Adding these three new models, Bentley will look to top the 10,000 mark in annual vehicle deliveries and protect against future economic uncertainty.

Don’t expect to see anything soon, however, with the next Panamera not due out until 2013.

[Source: AutoExpress]