Chevrolet Impala Gets All-New V6, In Production Until 2014

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler

With the Chevrolet Impala forced to endure an unbearably long production cycle (8 years by the time its replacement arrives in 2015), Chevrolet’s full-size sedan will need something to ensure it stays relevant in the marketplace, and General Motors is confident that an updated engine will do the trick.

The new 3.6L LFX V6 will be the sole engine option, replacing the “high feature” 3.5L and 3.9L V6s of previous years. A 6-speed automatic may also join the lineup, as its compatible with the LFX but not the older V6s. A new Impala is due in 2014 and will share a platform with Cadillac’s upcoming XTS flagship.

[Source: GM Inside News]

Derek Kreindler
Derek Kreindler

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  • Joe Yoman Joe Yoman on Feb 10, 2011

    I sure hope for Chevys sake that the interior gets an upgrade too along with some modern day options such as NAV, USB port, automatic climate control and upgraded soft touch interior materials. That would for sure help the Impala stay relevant for a few more years.

  • Shantel Shantel on May 10, 2012

    They need to not replace Impala SS but upgrade them because they are great cars buy giving it more speed and put a supercharger on it. I have a Impala SS 07 and wish they come out with a up dated model cause they are wonderful cars.