Elite Projects Sweden Transforms 986 Porsche to GT Racing Machine

Ever wonder what happens when you have a first generation Porsche Boxster 986 lying around surrounded by a ton of automotive-building talent? Look no further to Elite Projects out of Sweden where their talented team of designers and builders have released the cleanest widebody Porsche 986 that we’ve ever seen. We can even overlook the busy graphic design scheme on the car to appreciate just how well executed the project is.

Unfortunately we don’t know a ton of details on the project, but it looks as if Elite Projects Sweden transformed their 986 Porsche Boxster into a GT Racing machine and has even taken it out to the track. What we do know is its wheel setup, which is comprised of iForged’s Track Edition TE-14V wheels finished in a brilliant silver. Up front is a pair of 19×8.5 while the rear features a nice and wide 19×12 pairing.

Clearly the entire build is very well executed from bumper to bumper and was truly built and bred to be a track machine. We’ve love to see just how clean the car would be with just a solid shade of paint, but alas, kudos to Elite Projects for not scaring us when we saw Porsche 986 widebody in a post title.

[Source: Elite Projects Sweden via Vincent Wong]

GALLERY: Elite Projects Sweden Widebody 986 Porsche

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