Ferrari Enzo Successor Rendering Apparently Inspired by a Storm Trooper


Following up on a supercar such as Ferrari’s Enzo is no easy task. The car is legend and its design is unmistakable. With a successor to the Enzo inevitable, many have envisioned what Ferrari may have in store as a follow up – including Hungarian artist Peter Simon. For our part, we hope he’s wrong.

Clearly Simon’s rendering carries much of the Enzo’s design characteristics, but we fear that his vision takes a turn for the wost beyond that point. The majority of the body looks completely out of proportion, with an excessively wide body that doesn’t fit with the Enzo’s sleek function-over-form design.

An Enzo successor is in the works and we just hope it stays sleek and sexy, not weird and gaudy.

Continue to be appalled by browsing through the gallery below.

GALLERY: Peter Simon Ferrari Enzo Successor

peter_simon_ferrari_enzo_10.JPG peter_simon_ferrari_enzo_11.JPG peter_simon_ferrari_enzo_12.JPG peter_simon_ferrari_enzo_13.JPG peter_simon_ferrari_enzo_15.JPG peter_simon_ferrari_enzo_6.JPG

[Source: Carscoop]