Ferrari To Borrow MultiAir Engine Tech From Fiat For Future V8s

In the Fiat auto group, typically all the new high performance technology is developed by Ferrari and it eventually moves down the ladder to the other brands. However, if the latest reports from Maranello prove to be true, there might be a change in the direction of flow for technology in the near future.

According to reports, Ferrari is looking to adapt Fiat’s MultiAir technology for its own use. This system uses hydraulic actuators to change the setup of the vavletrain, and this can be done while on the move. So you can tune your engine to be run lean one minute for greater fuel-efficiency, or mean to get the maximum power output.

This system is far more advanced than the usual spring-driven valvetrain found on a normal engine. We might get a clearer idea about Ferrari’s future engine plans at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

[Source: MotorAuthority]