Ferrari Used In “Somewhere” Re-Painted, Sold To Lucky Buyer

While it didn’t quite make it on to the radar of mainstream movie-goers, Sofia Coppola’s new film Somewhere featured a Ferrari 360 Modena as one of the film’s main props. The lack of dialogue and music coupled with the very long shots and dearth of quick cuts meant that the 360 is seen in frequent takes, cruising around Los Angeles, blasting up Mulholland drive and Route 101 with its engine sounds faithfully captured with the kind of fidelty unseen in most Hollywood productions.

Since the car used in the film doesn’t have quite the same provenance as, say, the Ford Mustang used in Bullit, the car was repainted and sold through Ferrari of Beverly Hills. Interestingly, the Ferrari was considered to be more than a mere prop, as Roman Coppola, producer of the film, noted that “He has this incredible car, he has wealth and fame and opportunity, but he’s stifled in some way. The fact that you would have a car that goes 200 mph that you can only drive at 35 mph seems to relate to that character trait.”

The indie/art-house nature of Somewhere might be off-putting to some, but even if you’re not a film buff, seeing the car on screen, and hearing the Italian V8 roaring through a proper movie theatre’s sound system is absolutely worth the $10 admission. The first three minutes could easily be classified as “car porn”,  and honestly, the movie’s pretty good too.

[Source: AutoTrader]