Ford Continues To Terminate Lincoln Dealerships

Ford‘s quest to trim the fat from Lincoln‘s dealer network continues as the company aims to cut another 100 dealers in what it calls “major markets”, from 500 to 325. So far the brand is down to 434 as for December 31, 2010.

With more roughly 4 times as many stores as other luxury brands and an average buyer age of over 60, Lincoln feels that their current level of 1,200 outlets is unsustainable in the current economy. Ford is offering buyout packages to dealers as an incentive to walk away from their Lincoln franchise. Ford is hoping to complete the process by year end, while introducing 7 new or revised products over the next three years.

Lincoln sales were down 21 percent in January, but the brand saw its market share increase by 5.6 percent.

[Source: The Detroit News]