Ford Super Duty Reclaims Best-in-Class Tow Ratings


Since they both debuted updated heavy-duty pickups for the 2011 model year, Ford and General Motors have been locked in a battle for supremacy – who has the highest tow capacity ratings?

Now, Ford is set to reclaim bragging rights, thanks to towing hardware upgrades, designed to complement changes made to the Super Duty’s frame last year, namely higher strength crossmembers. Along with an increase in power and torque on the PowerStroke 6.7-liter turbo diesel, up to 400-hp and 800 lb-ft; Ford spokeswoman Anne-Marie Gattari said the F-340 and F-450 can now pull up to 17,500 lbs of weight, just using their ball hitches (GM by contrast rates their trucks at a maximum of 16,500 lbs – 17,000 in 4×4 configuration).

In addition, the F-Series Super Duty also boasts the highest payload capacity (7,070 lbs) and fifth wheel towing capacity of 22,600 lbs (24,500 for the F-450).

However, when it comes to pulling conventional trailers, Ford’s weight carrying hitches are still limited to 8,000 lbs, beyond that, the trucks will require a weight distribution hitch which places a tongue weight on the ball to more evenly distribute the load between the truck’s frame and the trailer.

GM’s HD trucks, by contrast, only require a weight carrying hitch to pull trailers at their maximum load capacity.

Given the announcement by Ford, it will be interesting to see how GM and possibly Ram respond to the Blue Oval’s latest claim.

[Source: Pickup]

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