Garmin and Guide You To Unusual Sites

Your GPS has never steered you wrong in the past. So when it comes to seeing some, umm, unusual sites on your next road trip, put your trust in it once more. Just add’s latest guide to your Garmin GPS device and you’ll be taking shots of interesting locales around the U.S., such as the drive-through tree or the world’s largest six pack. Attractions and Oddities guide ($20) offers over 5,000 add-on points of interest that can be downloaded directly to a Garmin navigation device. You can get your fix of unusual sites in all 50 states, as the guide, which comes complete with photos and categories, tells you where you should stop.

RoadSideAmerica also gives you important info like directions, hours, and  phone numbers. And to make your search simple, you can filter by type, such as museums, statues, architecture, or “natural” attractions.

To get your offbeat guide, just click here.

[Source: Cnet]