Honda Cuts Board in Half, Ousting American Honda Boss

Honda has decided to follow the lead set by Toyota in making drastic cuts to its board in an effort to streamline the decision making process.

In total, the Honda Motor Co. board has been reduced from 20 member to 12 with one important change being the removal of Tetsuo Iwamura.

Set to take effect later this year, Iwamura will retain his position at the top of American Honda, with the changes made also helping to promote a more hand-on approach by execs in different regions of the world.

That being said, the change may sound like just a switch of titles, but it also speaks volumes about Honda’s interest in the U.S. market by cutting its top man from the company board. Aimed at streamlining the decision making process, that process will no longer reflect as much of what American Honda is interested in.

[Source: Automotive News]