Honda Fit Overtakes Toyota Prius In Japanese Car Market After Hybrid Subsidies End

The best-selling car in Japan is about to change as government subsidies on hybrid cars has lead to a drop off in sales of the Toyota Prius. Analysts expect the Honda Fit to take the top spot.

Prius sales began to dip in September after the government subsidy program ended, but Fit sales remained strong, buttressed by the introduction of an inexpensive Fit Hybrid model. Toyota’s new Vitz subcompact was also blamed for stealing Prius sales. Overall sales in January were down about 21.5 percent compared to 2010, the fifth month of consecutive decline. Vehicles under 660cc, counted in a separate category, still continue to lead the sales race, with the Daihatsu Move and Suzuki WagonR taking first and second spots respectively.

[Source: The Mainichi Daily News]