Honda to Reveal Plug-in Hybrid Platform at Geneva Auto Show


For years Honda has relied on its Integrated Motor Assist hybrid system, designed to help improve fuel economy without adding a lot of additional cost. A more basic system than Toyota’s two-mode, it doesn’t speak to Honda’s engineering prowess and has become out-dated.

Honda will aim to rectify that soon with the introduction of a proper two-mode hybrid system, and one that will also feature a plug-in feature, in a new mid-size vehicle soon. While that vehicle isn’t ready to be unveiled, Honda will provide the first details on the PHEV platform at the upcoming Geneva Auto Show.

While no additional details have been provided, the photos clearly show an inline (presumably 4-cylinder engine), which has been rumored to be the basis for the PHEV setup.

In addition, Honda will showcase the EV Concept, which is the next step in a plan by Honda to bring an electric car to market. At last year’s LA Auto Show, Honda unveiled the Fit EV, and little is expected to change for the car, with a 100 mile range and several drive modes (ECON, Normal and Sport) just like in the CR-Z.

GALLERY: Honda PHEV Platform, EV Concept