Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Delayed Due To Pedestrian Warning System Modificatons

After the United States legislated mandatory pedestrian warning systems for hybrid and plug-in vehicles, Hyundai was forced to go back to the drawing board, and modify their Sonata Hybrid sedan to comply with the new legislation.

The Sonata Hybrid was originally equipped to give drivers the ability to turn off the “chirping” sound emitted at low speeds to let pedestrians know that a car was approaching (at low speeds, hybrid and electric vehicles are virtually silent), but with Congress legally mandating the systems, Hyundai had to make changes to the Sonata Hybrid, with the wiring harness, driver interface and owners manual all had to be changed to ensure compliance.

The first Sonata Hybrid was delivered in January, 2011, a couple weeks behind schedule.

[Source: Green Car Reports]