Infiniti Etheria Concept To Show At Geneva, Use Mercedes Power

Without a compact luxury car, Infiniti will have a hard time competing in their new European stomping grounds, and let’s face it, a rebadged Nissan Versa ain’t exactly up to the task.

What Infiniti does have is a new alliance with Daimler through parent company Renault-Nissan. Infiniti is about to leverage this relationship big-time with their new front-drive Etheria concept, which will use a Mercedes-derived 4-cylinder direct-injection engine with a turbocharging to deliver 202-horsepower from only 1.8L of displacement. The car will be based off the next generation Renault Megane, but the only styling direction given to us was a vague silhouette of a two-door hatchback. No matter, since we’ll see the car soon enough at the Geneva Auto Show.