Kyushu-danji NSX Laps Tsukuba in 56.959 – a Reminder of Honda’s Racing Glory [Video]

Now that Acura has confirmed that they’ve resumed development of a next-generation NSX, it’s always a treat to revisit just how amazing Acura’s first and only exotic is – and maybe remind Honda so they don’t deliver a dud.

The famed Tsukuba Circuit in Japan is similar to Nurburgring in the sense that it’s used as a gauge by which automakers and tuners rank just how good their cars are. Sub 1-minute Tsukuba times are respected, while anything faster than 57-seconds is considered impressive.

While there are cars such as HKS’ Turbocharged Mitsubishi EVO that has lapped Tsukuba in 54.739 seconds, watching a naturally aspirated NSX do it in 56.959 is equally entertaining.

Check out the video after the break and make sure to turn up the volume!

[Source: Farm of Minds]