Lamborghini Celebrates 10 Years in Singapore With Special Edition Gallardo Model

To celebrate its 10 year presence in Singapore, Lamborghini has unleashed a limited edition Gallardo exclusive to Singapore. Only 10 of the Gallardos are available, and apparently all of them already have new owners. Delivery of all 10 took place at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Singapore with $15,000 of each Gallardo sold going to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund, benefiting underprivileged students.

Available in white or black, the limited edition Gallardo is the result of a partnership between Lamborghini and its Singapore importer. The subtle giveaway is a pair of red stripes on each side of the Gallardo accented with a Merlion logo, which is a lion-headed fish created by the Singapore Tourism Board in 1964.

GALLERY: Special Edition Shanghai Lamborghini Gallardos

singapore_limited_edition_lamborghinis_14.jpg singapore_limited_edition_lamborghinis_2.jpg singapore_limited_edition_lamborghinis_17.jpg singapore_limited_edition_lamborghinis_19.jpg singapore_limited_edition_lamborghinis_20.jpg singapore_limited_edition_lamborghinis_12.jpg

[Source: SGCarMart via Autoblog]