Lamborghini Offers New Mattress and Bedding Line

You can get to sleep fast and flaunt your love for your favorite luxury automotive brand. Catch some quality shut eye on the new Tonino Lamborghini bedding collection, courtesy of Magniflex, one of the Italy’s largest bedding producers.

The collection, which includes six fully redesigned, colorful new lines, features pillows, linens and towels, all adorned with the Tonino Lamborghini logo and style. Sleep will come quickly on the new Magniflex mattresses, and all boast high-performance materials for optimum pressure relief, full-body support, temperature regulation and supreme comfort. They also showcase the Tonino Lamborghini logo in red, black and white throughout.

If you’re interested in upgrading your bedding, the queen-sized Montecarlo mattress, featuring a black cover made of natural carbon fiber, will run you $4,092. With its 12-inch profile, the queen-sized Deluxe costs $4,910. The queen-sized Silverstone mattress features a silver cover that’s made with fabric woven with actual silver fibers and costs $3,273. The other four models (Daytona, Le Mans, Indianapolis and Monza) range in price from $1,224 and $2,658 for a queen-sized mattress, and all come equipped with thermo-regulating fabrics and open-cell Memoform Magnifoam cores.

[Source: Born Rich]