Mazda Solidifies Lead as Best Selling Sports Car With New Milestone

Back in 2000, Guinness World Records officially confirmed the Mazda MX-5 Miata as the world’s best selling sports car. At that time Mazda had just hit the half-million mark for its tiny, fun-to-drive roadster.

Mazda is now celebrating its approach to the one million mark with news that the car has officially topped 900,000 units. That 900,000th car is a soft-top, six-speed (how classic) and will be delivered to a customer in Germany.

“Since Mazda launched the original MX-5, it has undergone two complete product redesigns and a series of upgrades,” said Nobuhiro Yamamoto, MC program manager, MX-5.  “Its enduring success is due to the strong support it enjoys from fans around the world, and I will strive to keep the MX-5’s spirit alive while evolving it into a car that will be loved by even more people.”

With the third generation of the car currently on sale, Mazda is expected to deliver a fourth-gen model soon, returning to the car’s roots with rumors of a smaller engine and a significant reduction in weight.