Mercedes SL Grand Edition Package Celebrates Automaker’s 125th Anniversary

To celebrate its 125th anniversary, Mercedes is following up the SLK Grand Edition with a new SL Grand Edition package that will be available for SL300, SL350 (not available in North America) and SL500 models. Pricing for the package also ranges depending on which trim model you’ll be outfitting, with the SL500 being around $6,530 while the SL300 model will cost around $9,700.

Included in the Grand Edition package are Nappa leather seats, door trim, steering wheel, a start button on the shifter and an AIRSCARF personal warming system in the front headrests. Mostly interior upgrades, the Grand Edition moniker can also be seen throughout the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Minor amenities include silver air vents, paddles, keyless start, chrome air shot, match-painted air lamps, a third brake light and a set of 19-inch AMG wheels.

All-in-all it’s a nice package for SL owners, though a little bit on the high side given what’s included. Those 19-inch AMG wheels are a pretty penny on their own though.

GALLERY: Mercedes-Benz 2011 SL Grand Edition

mercedes_sl_grand_edition_2.jpg mercedes_sl_grand_edition_3.jpg mercedes_sl_grand_edition_4.jpg mercedes_sl_grand_edition_5.jpg mercedes_sl_grand_edition_6.jpg mercedes_sl_grand_edition_7.jpg

[Source: Top Speed]