Mirage GT Matt Blue Edition: New Gemballa Pays Tribute to Old Gemballa

The newly resurrected Gemballa brand may not be making as many splashes as we would like to see, but they’ve recently returned to their roots with a new Mirage GT edition. Similar to the Matt Black Edition that was seen in 2009, Gemballa has created another version of its modified Porsche Carrera GT, this time in matte blue.

Based off a Porsche 980 Carrera GT, the exotic sports car features 650-hp and 464 lb-ft of torque. And while Gemballa’s designs are often criticized for being too extreme, the Mirage GT aero kit couldn’t be a better fit, helping keep the exotic Porsche looking modern.

The engine bay and interior also gets their fair share of colored accessories, with a white theme contrasting the flat blue exterior.

Take a look at all the pics in the gallery below. Nostalgia never looked so good.

GALLERY: Gemballa Porsche Mirage GT Matt Blue Edition

gemballa_mirage_gt_matt_blue_2.jpg gemballa_mirage_gt_matt_blue_3.jpg gemballa_mirage_gt_matt_blue_4.jpg gemballa_mirage_gt_matt_blue_5.jpg gemballa_mirage_gt_matt_blue_6.jpg gemballa_mirage_gt_matt_blue_7.jpg

[Source: GTspirit]