Pagani Huayra Roadster F Rendered into Reality

With the Italian exotic car specialists at Pagani having just released the first photos of the new Huayra supercar last week, it’s all but guaranteed that a roadster model is in the cards. Keeping that in mind, we reached out to rendering expert Jon Sibal for his take on exactly how a roofless Huayra might look. And he delivered.

While it does add some sex-appeal to the exotic, it’s still a little hard to get over that catfish mouth.

The first Zonda Roadster debuted back in 2006 at the Geneva Auto Show with the official title: Zonda Roadster F. It featured an exposed carbon fiber body with a red pinstripe running along the body. The Huayra Roadster F, as seen here, continues this theme, but uses a dry carbon (matte) body.

When Pagani does decide to roll out a roadster model, it’s likely they will add a little extra power, as with the Zonda Roadster F, which saw a 50-hp bump. The Huayra trades the old V12 for a new twin-turbo 12-cylinder unit, meaning that upping the power won’t be hard.

Get more on the new Pagani Huayra here, with full info set to be released at the Geneva Auto Show.