Rare TVR Tuscan S For Sale In Florida, Own a Piece of British Automotive History


British sportscar maker TVR has had a less than perfect life. Back in the 1970s the factory burned down, but thanks to a large order placed by its Canadian dealer, they had the money to start over again.

Then, after a very successful run in the 1990s, the company was sold in 2004 to Nikolay Smolensky, a young Russian businessman with no previous experience at running a car company. As many predicted, the company went under in 2006, and while many attempts have been made to revive TVR, it still has not emerged from the ashes.

During its life, TVR made many interesting cars and perhaps one of the best was the Tuscan model. Its curvaceous styling had even caught the eye of John Travolta, who used one of these (and Halle Berry) in the movie Swordfish.

Now, you can have one for yourself. A dealer in Tampa, FL. is advertising a 2005 Tuscan S for sale, with a 400-hp 4.0L and a 0-60-mph time of 3.6 seconds. This particular example has covered just over 4000-miles and can be yours for the low, low price of $159,000.

OK that price is pretty steep, especially when you consider that you can find similar models for sale in U.K. for less than $50,000.

But if you have to have one that has already gone through the hassle of importing and customs, then this might be the car for you. And since Ms. Berry is single again, you may catch her attention too.

[Source: duPont Registry]

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Kfights1 says:

try under $25,000