RENNtech’s GLK350 Hybrid Pikes Peak Rally Car Set to Retire at Mercedes Museum [video]

RENNtech over the decades has become synonymous with serious, hardcore Mercedes-Benz performance. And in 2008, to show off their customization prowess and vision towards performance, RENNtech built a one-of-a-kind GLK350 Hybrid Pikes Peak Rally Car. The concept vehicle had won the 2008 SEMA Show Mercedes-Benz tuner build-off competition, and RENNtech is freshening up for 2011 and its ultimate retirement.

RENNtech made the announcement that the GLK350 will retire to a place of honor in Mercedes-Benz’s Classic Vehicle Museum in Irvine, CA. This isn’t the first RENNtech vehicle that has found its way in there, with their first being the E60 RS project car built for Jerry Seinfeld.

To bring it up to 2011 acceptable standards, RENNtech had the entire exterior of the vehicle rewrapped with 3M’s Commercial Graphics Division black carbon fiber that also features a subtle red pin striping. This was the perfect match to RENNtech’s aggressively revised exterior modifications.

Keep your eyes out at the GLK350 will be toured for its last year prior to taking its rightful spot in Mercedes-Benz’s Classic Vehicle Museum.

Official press release and video available after the break.

GALLERY: RENNtech GLK350 Hybrid Pikes Peak Rally Car

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In 2008, RENNtech unveiled the GLK350 Hybrid Pikes Peak Rally Car, a concept vehicle which won the 2008 SEMA Show Mercedes-Benz tuner build-off competition. This vehicle was designed not only to turn heads as a show car, but to serve as a proof-of-concept and testament to our dedication to our core concept; performance without compromise. Fast forward nearly 3 years, countless automotive trade shows, numerous track events and extensive real world miles; the GLK Pikes Peak project has been completely revamped and restyled for a final tour in 2011 with Mercedes-Benz USA. Upon completion of the US tour schedule, the GLK will retire to a place of honor in the Mercedes-Benz Classic Vehicle Museum located in Irvine, CA as part of their permanent collection. This will be the second vehicle prepared by RENNtech that has found its way into the hallowed halls of the Mercedes-Benz Museum Collection, the first of which was the E60 RS project car built for comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

When approached with the opportunity, RENNtech completely revamped the vehicles exterior and collaborated once again with 3M Commercial Graphics Division to complement the GLK’s aggressive exterior styling. This original body kit was entirely designed and engineered by RENNtech in-house, using the latest in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software and rapid prototype capabilities. The concept behind the restyling was to not only completely change the vehicles appearance, but utilize vinyl materials in finishes rarely seen in the automotive world. 3M chose the RENNtech GLK as the showpiece to revel their latest product line of 1080 Scotchprint ® textured automotive vinyl wrap. This preprinted, 3.5 mil dual cast film was applied to nearly every exterior surface of the vehicle in a stunning combination of brushed steel (1080-BR201) and black carbon fiber (1080 CF-12) with subtle red pin stripping to further accent the vehicles bold lines.

The GLK350 Pikes Peak Project will be unveiled to the public during Mercedes-Benz first leg of their tour schedule at the Pittsburgh International Automotive Show February 10-13th, 2011. Additional stops on the tour schedule include Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Kansas City, Minneapolis and Denver. After its time on the road, the vehicle can be seen at the Mercedes-Benz Classic Vehicle Museum in Irvine, California.