Report: Obama’s Goal of 1 Million Electric Cars by 2015 Unreachable

The Obama Administration has made a significant effort to increase the number of electric cars being produced, but according to a new report by Indiana University it won’t meet its goal of getting 1 million electric cars on the road by 2015.

The report indicates that the current ‘production intentions’ of automakers won’t result in one million EVs on our roads by that time. And whether the current production goals set by automakers can even be met is in question, especially with recent reports that GM’s sales targets for the Volt will not be met.

Currently there are only 5,000 electric cars on the roads in the U.S., of a total of 250 million vehicles. And even one million EVs represents just a third of a percent of the total car sales. By comparison, hybrids currently account for roughly 3 percent of annual sales.

Despite significant government incentives created to cut the costs of EVs to consumers, the report calls for more action by the administration, including a larger (government funded?) demo program to help raise awareness.

[Source: The Detroit News]