Subaru Rear-Drive Sports Car Actually All-Wheel Drive


Subaru has given us a first glimpse at its version of the FT-86/Toyobaru with one major surprise – the proclaimed rear-drive sports car is actually all-wheel drive.

Sharing a chassis with Toyota’s FT-86, the car was repeatedly rumored to use only a rear-drive system; strange indeed considering it has been adapted from the AWD Legacy.

On display at the Geneva Auto Show a day ahead of it’s official debut, we were disappointed that the architecture was not filled out with some stunning sheetmetal, but this revelation is far more important and certain to appease Suby fans around the globe.

As though the driveshaft weren’t enough, on a display plaque next to a scale model of the architecture it goes so far as to call the vehicle a “rear-wheel drive sports car” and then in the very next sentence states that it features “Subaru’s signature Symmetrical AWD system.” No wonder we were confused.

UPDATE: Upon inspection the vehicle, it most certainly does not have front driveshafts and is a RWD platform, leaving only the question as to why Subaru’s plaque says it does. Sorry to get your hopes up, you fans of Symmetrical AWD.

GALLERY: Subaru Boxer Sports Car Architecture

Subaru Sports Car Boxer Architecture 02.JPGSubaru Sports Car Boxer Architecture 05.JPGSubaru Sports Car Boxer Architecture 07.JPGSubaru Sports Car Boxer Architecture 11.JPGSubaru Sports Car Boxer Architecture 13.JPGSubaru Sports Car Boxer Architecture 12.JPG