Survey: 49 Percent of Us Want Autonomous Cars


We all drool over the latest technologies, wait in line to buy them and show them off to our less fortunate friends. But a recent study shows that while we love them, we’re also frustrated when they crash and freeze. The study goes on to say that even though we’re frustrated, 49 percent of us would love to let a driverless car chauffeur us around.

According to a new Accenture survey that polled 2,000 British and American consumers, people are most interested in gadgets that do stuff automatically. These include smartphones, GPS systems, home appliances and vehicles. And if they’ll make your life easier, you’re willing to pay more for it.

Even though the survey largely concentrated its efforts in the electronics department and what people want in future models, it just goes to show you that people are really warming up to the idea of autonomous cars to get them around. But even though we’re more open to the idea, do you think the world is ready for the driverless car? We know that Google had pretty good results from their autonomous vehicle, but is the general public ready for this technology? Let us know in the comment section below.

We’ve also included the rest of the press release after the jump, so feel free to give it a read.

[Source: Translogic]