Tecnocraft Releasing Carbon Fiber Parts for Lotus Exige and Elise

With the new Lotus models looming on the horizon, current Lotus owners may be looking for new ways to spice up their ride before the new model range kicks off in 2015. Tecnocraft, an American manufacturer of carbon fiber products, seems to be listening to the demand, developing a program for the current model Lotus Elise and Exige.

No actual details have been released from Tecnocraft on the products that will be available, but these photos may be provide some hints. Clearly replacement carbon fiber seats will be available, saving some weight in an already svelte vehicle. The exterior meanwhile looks to get some carbon fiber inserts on the hood.

[Source: GTspirit]

GALLERY: Tecnocraft Lotus Carbon Fiber Parts

tecnocraft_lotus_carbon_fiber_1.jpg tecnocraft_lotus_carbon_fiber_10.jpg tecnocraft_lotus_carbon_fiber_2.jpg tecnocraft_lotus_carbon_fiber_3.jpg tecnocraft_lotus_carbon_fiber_4.jpg tecnocraft_lotus_carbon_fiber_9.jpg